Public Seminars

Register as early as possible by completing and sending us your registration form. We will confirm receipt. Registration is permitted on the day of the seminar on a space-available basis. The tuition fee is fully refundable if cancellation is received in our office at least 10 working days prior to the seminar; otherwise, your agency will be billed for the seminar. Substitutions are permitted at any time. Read the detailed information about our onsite and public seminars for Federal Personnelists and employees. Call us at (410) 795-9296 for onsite prices. We also have developed books to keep employees up-to-date about all aspects of their benefit package. We accept VISA, MC, and Purchase Orders.

All public seminars are available as onsite seminars.

*Each of these seminars can be delivered to general employees, hazardous duty employees (6C), Air Traffic Controllers, Customs and Border Protection Officers or any combination.

If you are interested in scheduling an onsite for your agency, please contact us at 410-795-9296.

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